Rugcar Duet #1: Performed as a Solo

  • Park the Car, roll up the windows, do not lock the doors, turn off the lights.
  • Put the Rug on top of the Car, askew.
  • A small side table goes on top of the car in the middle.
  • Put 2 chairs on either side of the roof.
  • Put 1 plant on the rug next to the table.
  • Put 2 mugs on the table, one is full of coffee and one has only a splash of coffee in it.
  • Place a candle within a holder on the table.
  • Place a sweater on the chair opposite you, the one that you will not be sitting on.
  • Have the a list of feelings
  • Light the candle, this candle must be lit at all times and takes precedence over all other actions.
  • The only words you can say are the words contained in the feeling list
  • When people engage with you because they are curious or confused about what you are doing, it is okay to break character and engage with them in a dialogue. Talk to them as equals. However, this conversation then becomes part of the performance, let it stay with you a while after it is considered over.
  • The performance ends when the candle burns no more (choose the candle size with this in mind).
  • 10/21/2018 – 3pm to 4:45pm – Bank of America Parking Lot, 1300 E Madison St, Seattle.


Public Performance #1: Performed as a Solo

  • Walk into a restaurant/bar/cafe and sit down at one of the tables, a smaller one because you are only 1 person.
  • When someone comes over tell them you would just like to sit and have a place to collect your thoughts.
  • If they ask you to leave, leave.
  • If not, stay until your thoughts are in order and then leave, making sure to thank them on the way out.


Public Performance #2: Performed as You Wish

  • Bring a chair from home as well as a blanket or rug from home. (I use my rug)
  • Wear a simple outfit.