We are presenting feelings. Not our own feelings, but someone else’s. We are presenting movement and very much our own movement. There will be dancing in silence, feeling in stillness, dancing with voiced feelings, a list of feelings, a projection, and lastly a conversation. What is the role of feelings in performance and how is this role related to the relationship between audience and performer? Can these feelings be suggested rather than felt? Does it matter that the performer is feeling in order for the audience to feel? We are thinking about these questions but not answering them. We are talking about feelings but we are not feeling them. We don’t know if we can actually do either of those statements.

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A Conversation

Creative collaboration with Maia Veague. Technical direction by Emma Loftis.

A Base Independent Production.

February 23, 2019 at Base: Experimental Arts and Space.


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Maia & Chris (photographed)