Stuffed and Animal

A series of stuffed animals dissected and re-established as tapestry or clothing.



Mandrill and Rhino


Grey Sweater; 100% Wool

Front: Mandrill Body

Back: 2 Mandrill Heads and 1 Rhino Head

Euro Size: 48

U.S Size: L/XL


Zebra and Lion


White Sweater; 100% Polyester

Front: Zebra Head

Back: Lion Body

U.S Size: M




White T-Shirt; 100% Cotton

Back: Dog


Fox and Deer


Grey Sweater; 70% Cotton, 30% Polyester

Back: 1 Fox and 2 Deer




Winter Hat; 100% Wool Shell, 100% Acrylic Lining

Front: Racoon




Tea-dyed Dress Shirt

Back: Faux Fur