About Christopher.

/əˈbaʊt/ /ˈkɹɪs.tə.fə(ɹ)/

  1. In a circle around Christopher; on every side of Christopher
  2. In the immediate neighborhood of Christopher
  3. Engaged in Christopher
  4. With regard to Christopher
  5. Over or in different parts of Christopher

(from Merriam Webster)

ChristopherWPA is simply the other name of Christopher Petersen. He is currently based in Toronto where he is creating work for spaces both traditional and non-traditional.

A Trajectory

  1. Christopher is in Massachusetts receiving his B.A in Philosophy and creating work within the 5 College Consortium and The School for Contemporary Dance and Thought.
  2. Christopher is in Seattle creating work within Base: experimental arts & culture, Velocity Dance Center, and The Shed.
  3. Christopher founds (with friend Ryan) Tuya Vale Art Collective.
    1. http://www.tuyavale.comtuya vale_zoom
  4. Christopher is in Chicago.
  5. Christopher is in Toronto
christopher (from behind. with sweater)


Christopher is a dancer. His work focuses on the physical body in space and attempts to allow opportunity for audience to stare into bones and flesh, the exertion of bodies and the bodies of stillness. He views his work as attempts to recreate a reverie, not only for himself but for the audience as well.

christopher (from behind. no sweater)

The Social Medias:

Instagram: @christopherwpa

Facebook: Christopher Petersen